Mission- The Mid Atlantic Growers Association

The mission of the Mid Atlantic Growers Association is:

To promote excellence in business operations for our members

To promote Criminal Justice Reform

To promote equity and fairness regarding present-day economic opportunities

To promote the "Cannabis Culture" of peace and harmony, helping to bring people together.

We believe that simply granting dispensary licenses to social equity applicants without the training or resources to compete against well funded, large dispensary operators is like leading lambs to slaughter.

We aim to level the playing field (somewhat) by raising funds through the sale of promotional merchandise, then using those funds to commission best-in-class business and legal analyses and research. We will then, with the proper disclosures, make this information available, without charge, to our members, and in some cases, the public.

In this way, local entrepreneurs will have access to the same leading data and business research that the wealthier operators have access to.