Mission- The Mid Atlantic Growers Association

The priorities and mission of the Mid Atlantic Growers Association are:

-To promote criminal justice reform for those who suffered and are continuing to suffer because of past marijuana related convictions.  Specifically:

-Initiate or support lobbying efforts with regional politicians.

-Support of existing grass-roots efforts dedicated to similar goals. 

-To promote equity and fairness regarding economic opportunities that are emerging as the legalization trend moves east.  Specifically: 

- Initiate or support lobbying efforts with regional politicians. 

-Direct investment in entrepreneurial organizations from under-represented communities.

-To promote excellence in business operations for our members.  Specifically:

-Development or endorsement of an “entrepreneurial curriculum” which will be free to members.  Specific items may be limited to some, e.g. participating committee members. 

-To promote the “Cannabis Culture” of peace and harmony, bringing people together.  Specifically:

-Support and/ or sponsorship of events, publications or other media content designed to promote togetherness as a people.