Skill Building: Herbie Goes to See His Mentor, part 2

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The Market Evolution Landscape

As promised, Herbie’s mentor returns with an overview of how he says industries frequently evolve.  To Herbie’s dismay, the visual of the landscape is not a beautiful vista with lakes and birds and flowers, but a hellscape of pits and valleys, a badlands of hostile terrain where entrepreneurs like Herbie enter and are never seen again.

Market Evolution Landscape



“What’s up with the Mentor?”, Herbie thinks to himself. “Is this for real, or is the guy getting grumpy?” 

“How do I make sense of this?” Asks Herbie?  “It is not the landscape itself”, replies the Mentor, “but how people behave during the various phases”.

“And?”, asks Herbie.

So the Mentor lays out the following table:


“And?”, asks Herbie.

Visibly frustrated, the Mentor walks away, shaking his head.  “Maybe I should buy a dog” thinks Herbie to himself.  “If you do, get a smart one” the Mentor tosses over his shoulder.

What…?  How did he…?  “Clearly we are not done” says the Mentor.  “See you next week”.


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