Today, we launch the Mid Atlantic Growers Association (MAGA).  And we want you to participate.

This is the right time to form such an organization as legalized cannabis is finally reaching the larger northern and eastern states.  But the landscape is unfair in a number of key respects: 

First, we have a history where black and brown men went to jail in disproportionate numbers.

Second, now that there is a significant financial opportunity on the horizon, it is Caucasians that are receiving the licenses and positioning themselves to benefit.

Third, those minorities that are able to enter the business are frequently at a resource disadvantage.  Increasingly, the market is dominated by large, wealthy companies with a deepening well of experience.

The Mid Atlantic Growers Association will address these issues head-on.  The priorities and mission of the Mid Atlantic Growers Association are:

-To promote criminal justice reform for those who suffered and are continuing to suffer because of past marijuana related convictions.  Specifically:
    1. -Initiate or support lobbying efforts with regional  politicians.
    2. -Support of existing grass-roots efforts dedicated to similar goals.

-To promote equity and fairness regarding economic opportunities that are emerging as the legalization trend moves east.  Specifically:

  1. -Initiate or support lobbying efforts with regional  politicians.
  2. -Direct investment in entrepreneurial organizations from under-represented communities.

-To promote excellence in business operations for our members.  Specifically:

      1. -Development or endorsement of an “entrepreneurial curriculum” which will be free to members.  Specific items may be limited to some, e.g. participating committee members.

-To promote the “Cannabis Culture” of peace and harmony, bringing people together.  Specifically: 

      1. -Support and/ or sponsorship of events, publications or other media content designed to promote togetherness as a people.

Imagine the relief for the families that have been affected by past convictions.  Not just the prisoners, but the sons and daughters who grew up without a father because daddy went to jail for smoking pot.

Imagine the recreational movement rolling out in a manner that is economically fair to people in the minority as well as to people in the majority.

Imagine the little guy, having finally been let into the game, being able to compete with larger, better financed companies from a base of skill and knowledge.

And finally, imagine the country moving towards harmony and away from division. 

The Mid Atlantic Growers Association aims to advance these goals.

Please participate.  Be on the right side of history.  Be on the right side of justice.  Supporting this organization is a way for you to help. 

But a $40 hat?

Yes.  This is how we are raising money to capitalize the organization.  And membership will always be free! 

This hat will not only be fun to own and wear.  It will be important to own and wear.  It will be your tangible expression of support for the principles of justice and financial equity.  And when something as simple as a hat contains that much meaning, and that much promise, its value becomes incalculable. 

So please, participate.

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