Herbie buys a dog

Blunt Cannabis Herbie

Dizzy from concentrate, and from concentrating on the level of concentration in the concentrate sector, Herbie decides it’s time to get a dog.  So he goes to the shelter.

For Herbie, it was an emotional experience.  As soon as he walked in, a small, pathetic looking puppy of indeterminate lineage started yapping and wagging its tail.  When Herbie walked over, the dog went crazy.  The attendant suggested Herbie hold him and that was it.  Licking, wiggling, squirming.

When Herbie asked about the breed, the attendant looked down and away, so Herbie let it go.  Apparently the dog was abandoned, but not abused or actively mistreated.  “Does the dog have any issues I need to know about?”, asks Herbie.  “To put it bluntly”, says the attendant, “all he needs is some love”.  Bluntly.  And that was it.  Herbie bought the dog (more on that later) and named him “Blunt”.  Fitting.

Herbie and Blunt hop into Herbie’s used Xterra.  Herbie folds down the rear seat and puts Blunt in a crate fitted out with a cushion and a chew toy.  “I hope you like camping, Blunt”.

Blunt, seemingly quite happy, goes straight to sleep.

“Must be tiring, being around all that noise at the shelter, non-stop”, acknowledges Herbie.

They arrive at Herbie’s place, a modest house with a small yard.  Blunt, sensing the change in energy, wakes up.  After allowing Blunt to explore the yard and pee, they enter Herbie’s house.

Herbie shows Blunt around, shows him his bed and feeds him.  Blunt goes immediately to sleep.  Smiling, Herbie rolls a blunt, pets Blunt and lays down.

Startled by the doorbell, Herbie fumbles his way to the door, nearly tripping over Blunt who, used to the chaos of the shelter, starts spinning around in a whirl of energy.  In walks Monk, a farmer, and Herbie’s best friend.  Blunt jumps all over Monk as if greeting an old friend.

“Easy, boy”.  Monk sits down.  “Bring me up to date, Herbie”.

“Blunt, this is Monk.  Monk, this is Blunt.  Picked him up at the rescue shelter.  Traded an eighth of Sour Diesel and a 3-in-1 vape pen.  He’s pretty cool.”

“What kind of dog is he?”, asks Monk.  “Nobody knows.  Even the Vet was stumped”, says Herbie.

“What made you choose him?” asks Monk.

“He chose me”, says Herbie.

“Cool”, says Monk.

“Yes, cool”, says Herbie.

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